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H3 Rapid Recovery: What was created out of medical necessity and is being used by physicians is now available to you.

What are the key nutrients in H3 Rapid Recovery?

  • Vitamin A:  Critical to the development of healthy skin tissue
  • Vitamin C:  A vital component in the synthesis of collagen, (a structural component of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and bone)
  • Vitamin E:  Valuable nutrient for cellular protection
  • Vitamin B Complex:  Includes Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxin, Biotin, Folic Acid/Folate, Cobalamin; B Vitamins are essential for growth and development and regulate the activities of enzymes (proteins) that are the work horses of the body; Enzymes turn food into energy, and drive development and repair
  • Calcium:  Supports healthy bone development
  • Phosphorus:  Supports healthy bone development
  • Magnesium:  Required to develop/maintain normal muscle and nerve function
  • Zinc:  Promotes rapid repair of damaged tissue
  • Copper:  Critical to the development of bone and soft tissue
  • Manganese:  A primary regulator of enzyme function
  • Chromium:  Vital for metabolism  (In wound repair metabolism demand increases 55%+)
  • Arginine:  Cellular immune response that fights against bacteria
  • Bromelain:  A natural anti-inflammatory

Read the H3 Rapid Recovery Nutrition Facts…


How does H3 Rapid Recovery help for surgery preparation and recovery?

Few people realize the significant role that nutrition plays in having a successful operation and recovery. Recent studies have shown that 40% of patients previously considered to be in good physical condition prior to surgery are in fact malnourished. This leads to longer recovery times, higher risk of infection, higher risk of chronic injuries, and longer periods of pain and swelling. H3 Rapid Recovery was clinically shown to accelerate healing and reduce recovery times by more than half in many cases. Many people with surgical wounds or injuries that would not heal, such as Diabetics, have been known to heal more than twice as fast when using H3 Rapid Recovery than patients in good physical condition without H3.

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How does H3 Rapid Recovery help with immune disorders?

Open sores, wounds and contusions are a breeding ground for bacteria and infections, and can be very dangerous for those with a compromised immune system. The best solution is to shut down these breeding grounds as quickly as possible through accelerated healing. It’s easily understood that open sores and wounds expose the body to all sorts of bacteria and infections in the surrounding environment. However, contusions (or bruises) are not as obvious. They occur under the skin and occasionally result in a visible black and blue marks or splotches. Left untreated, bruises may become very dangerous because they are stagnant pools of blood, and as with any stagnant pool, bacteria and infectious antigens can grow and fester. Some of the first indications of infections are swelling and redness, and red lines spreading out from the infected area. H3 Rapid Recovery is as effective with contusions as it is with open sores and wounds because the elements of healing are the same, so by accelerating healing you shut down the breeding grounds for life threatening infections.


How does H3 Rapid Recovery help with athletic injuries and conditioning?

The basic principle of all athletic conditioning is the breaking down and rebuilding of skeletal muscular tissues. Sometimes called “micro-tears”, these small tears occur in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of athletes. If these tears heal rapidly, they result in increased strength, speed, and agility. If they do not heal rapidly, they may result in long-term chronic injuries, pain, and weakness.

Micro-tears are also the cause of pain and swelling felt after training. At one time, it was thought that soreness was the result of a build-up of lactic acid in the muscle, but it is now understood that this is not the case. Lactic acid causes the muscle contraction process to signal a stop in order to protect the muscle from damage, but once that happens, the liver, heart, and red muscle fibers all act together to metabolize the lactic acid and quickly remove it from the system. The resulting soreness and stiffness felt afterwards is actually a result of the muscle damage that occurred during exercise.

In response to swelling and damage, the muscles signal the body to release healing elements (sometimes referred to as “Growth Factors”) into the damaged muscles. It is a very complicated process involving many metabolic processes and chemicals to create satellite cells and synthesize proteins to build new muscles and repair the old, and all the elements are transported through the blood.

H3 Rapid Recovery is very effective because it supports this process in two ways: first, by increasing the amount of blood flow to the damaged muscles, and secondly, it ensures that the blood is perfuse with healing elements, or in this case the “Growth Factors” needed to synthesize the proteins to build new muscles and repair damaged muscles. H3 Rapid Recovery has been clinically shown to accelerate healing to less than half the time normally required to recover. Therefore, reducing stiffness associated with swelling and pain, allowing the athlete to regain the full range of motion in the muscles and joints.  This reduces the risk of training injuries due to poor form, reduces the risk of injuries associated with overstressing joints and ligaments, and reduces the risk of injuries from major muscle tears.


How do I take H3 Rapid Recovery?

H3 Rapid Recovery is great by itself with water. Sample groups showed 50% enjoyed H3 Rapid Recovery directly with water, 30% preferred H3 mixed in a smoothie, and 20% enjoyed H3 mixed into flavored beverage (orange juice, grape juice, flavored water, etc…)


When do the effects of H3 Rapid Recovery begin?

The body is amazingly designed. It will begin to utilize nutrients immediately like drinking water when we are thirsty. However, it is largely dependent on the individual’s nutritional status. If an individual is extremely malnourished, it may take weeks to months to build up to normal levels.Typically a patient will see results in as little as 2-3 days.


Why is H3 Rapid Recovery a drink mix instead of a pill?

Many people have difficulty taking multiple pills, and prefer the ease of a drink.  The delicious orange flavor of H3 Rapid Recovery also helps to promote compliance.  Nutrients in solution are also made more readily available for absorption.  Therefore, the body actually receives the greatest amount of substrate compared to pills.


What makes H3 Rapid Recovery different from typical multivitamin supplements?

Many of the key nutrients in H3 Rapid Recovery can be found in typical multivitamin supplements, however H3 was specifically formulated to provide the nutritional components that the body requires during times of healing and recovery when metabolic demands can be dramatically increased (up to 55% or more in some cases). This means that the specific nutrients, percentages and concentrations, as well as the beverage mix delivery method are designed for optimal bioavailibility and effectiveness to help the body’s natural healing processes by providing the fundamental building blocks for soft tissue repair and the natural energy the body needs to do its critical healing work.

Additionally, the H3 Rapid Recovery formula includes specialized natural enzymes and nutritional components, such as L-Arginine, L-Glutamine and Bromelain, that are either not available in typical multivitamin supplements, or not available in sufficient concentrations to provide the nutrition necessary for accelerated healing and recovery.

There are many health products that have various claims of joint healing or miraculous cures.  Most nutritional products do not have clinical research or physician support.  H3 Rapid Recovery and the products supported by DRS Health undergo rigorous review, and have data support from peer reviewed scientific journals and the National Institutes of Health.


Is H3 Rapid Recovery for surgical wound healing only?

NO, H3 Rapid Recovery was designed with the most severe wounds in mind, but the benefits are seen in chronic wounds, cuts, sporting injuries, tissue damage, and any person seeking the benefit of improved recovery after activities.  The components of H3 Rapid Recovery are also vital in the maintenance of healthy joints.


Will H3 Rapid Recovery help my arthritis?

Nothing will cure a joint that has complete loss of cartilage, meaning that bone is grating against bone.  This is called end stage arthritis, but in earlier stages pain and progression of disease can be treated.  You should always consult an Orthopedist if you have severe pain in any joint.  H3 Rapid Recovery promotes the restoration of cartilage and has the vital substrates required to build healthy joints.  Many products only bring a few pieces of the puzzle.  Glucosamine and Chondroitin are one piece, but left alone they are not enough to meet the body’s demand.  The older we become the more we need to help maintain healthy, functional, and pain free joints.

H3 Rapid Recovery contains vitamins, chondroitin, and other substrates that help promote regeneration and formation of cartilage. Cartilage is what becomes thin and degenerates in Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease). H3 Rapid Recovery promotes both the repair and formation of new cartilage, which may slow and possibly reverse some of the effects of Osteoarthritis. This also has similar effects on Rheumatoid Arthritis. Additionally, certain medications such as Humira, taken for arthritis, can suppress the body’s natural healing response. All COX-2 type medications to fight inflammation can suppress the body’s natural ability to heal. Supplementing with H3 Rapid Recovery when taking Humira may reduce the chance of contracting a serious infection.


How often should I take H3 Rapid Recovery and what is the dosage?

 H3 Rapid Recovery is formulated to supply the body with the highest and safest levels of nutrients in one package per day. This can be broken into half a pack twice a day, or simply taken all at once with no side effects.


When should I start taking H3 Rapid Recovery, and how long should I continue after my surgery?

H3 Rapid Recovery should be started prior to surgery and continued at least 6 weeks following minor procedures, including most outpatient procedures.  For surgery involving hospitalization, consuming H3 Rapid Recovery 8 weeks after your procedure is recommended.  For patients with chronic pain or arthritis, H3 is an essential part of lifetime support.

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Does H3 Rapid Recovery help with healing for people with diabetes?

H3 Rapid Recovery may be beneficial for patients with diabetes.  Diabetics are at increased risk for wound complications, and have delayed healing due to poor circulation and immune systems.  H3 Rapid Recovery promotes rapid healing which improves healing rates and decreases the risk of infection.  Billions of dollars are spent each year in the treatment of ulcers.  Virtually no money is spent on preventing these ulcers.  It was well said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Because the threat of chronic wounds is very real for every individual with diabetes, it is imperative that you take the appropriate precautions to prevent wounds from occurring and to implement a wound care routine for the wounds that you have, no matter how minor.

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Does H3 Rapid Recovery help with chronic pain relief?

H3 Rapid Recovery will lower pain levels due to the improved rate of healing which effects the inflammatory cascade required to heal. Bromelain is a principle ingredient that has been shown to decrease swelling, and help lower pain levels.


Can H3 Rapid Recovery help with chronic inflammation?

H3 Rapid Recovery addresses the nutritional deficiencies often seen in patients with chronic inflammation. Essential nutrients like the B vitamins, vitamins C, D and E and zinc have been shown in studies to strengthen the immune system, promoting wound healing and reducing the risk of developing chronic inflammation.

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What are the typical responses to H3 Rapid Recovery?

To date, all patients have demonstrated improved rates of healing. In some surgical cases, rates to wound closure have been cut in half, and recovery in athletes has been improved significantly in both older and younger athletes. Pain levels in clinical studies showed a significant decrease, and the necessary use of narcotics decreased in patients taking the substrates found in H3 Rapid Recovery.


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