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DRS Health Inc. Introduces G3 Doctor’s Diet

Contact: Ed Angell, Vice President of Operations

603 South Wall Street, Benson, NC 27504

For Immediate Release:

NORTH CAROLINA (November 30, 2011) After the successful launch of its flagship products during third quarter, DRS Health has recently unveiled its new G3 Doctor’s Diet, a delicious chocolate meal replacement shake that contains 100% of many essential vitamins and minerals, with only 98 calories.

The G3 Doctor’s Diet was formulated by leading OB/GYN and Weight Management Specialist, Dr. Efrain Perez. G3 was designed to help promote safe and gradual weight loss as part of a weight management program that includes a low-calorie, low-fat diet and moderate exercise.

To the knowledge of the DRS Health team, G3 is the only shake that effectively combines an excellent taste with the high concentration of a wide array of essential nutrients. Contained in a convenient sachet, one serving of G3 powder can be effortlessly mixed with milk or water for a delicious tasting meal substitute or snack. G3 is all-natural and does not contain stimulants.

G3 Doctor’s Diet will be popping up in local health food stores on the west coast at the beginning of 2012, along with H3 Rapid Recovery and O3 Bone & Joint Formulas.

About DRS Health, Inc.

Physicians endorse nutritional supplements regularly, and some even appear in the marketing material of some products to strengthen the product image. American consumers are educating themselves before making a nutraceutical purchase by reading reviews and talking to others. All too often, the claims of a nutritional supplement, even with a doctor’s photo on the box, do not hold up to consumer scrutiny.

DRS Health is different. Each DRS Health Optimal Health Formula is formulated by a physician in his or her field of medicine, and is backed by comprehensive research of scholarly articles. DRS Health only uses the highest quality, most effective ingredients in its products, using only ingredients shown in studies to work. New ingredients will not be used in the manufacturing of DRS Health Optimal Health Formulas, unless they have attained GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) through the Food and Drug Administration and have plenty of research to show their effectiveness and safety. Before each formula is approved for production, it is reviewed by the renowned surgeons, physicians and dietitians who sit on the DRS Health Medical Advisory Board, made up of seventeen health professionals.

The physicians intimately involved with DRS Health have a passion for making a positive difference in their patients’ lives and are “in the trenches” where they can see the gap between where medicine ends and nutrition begins. Therefore, DRS Health relies on the input from their medical doctors to create products that their patients are asking for, filling niches that may not be represented in the marketplace. Likewise, many of the physicians of DRS Health see a need for a higher quality product than what the current market offers. DRS Health contributes much of its resources to R&D to determine what is necessary to manufacture the best quality products to compete with what is on the shelves.
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