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Diabetic Healing

Advanced nutrition to help improve healing for
people living with diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes, you have most likely been warned by your physician that wound care, especially of the lower extremities, is tremendously important for your health and wellbeing. Approximately 15% of patients with diabetes suffer from diabetic foot ulcers, which can grow progressively worse very rapidly.

H3 RAPID RECOVERYOptimal Health Formula is an all-natural beverage mix that was developed by
Dr. Marc S. Stevens, a leading Orthopaedic Surgeon and Wound Specialist, to help accelerate and
improve recovery from injury or chronic wounds. As you may well know, the natural process of healing
is compromised in a hyperglycemic environment.

H3 was formulated to provide optimal amounts of the essential nutrients required in the wound healing process and may be specifically beneficial for those suffering from diabetes who are at a higher risk of developing chronic wounds. Ask your doctor about H3 RAPID RECOVERY to help give your body the building blocks it needs to stay healthy.

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“I am a diabetic and have recently been on chemotherapy. I developed a boil on the back of my hand which became severely infected. My skin actually opened up and I could see my tendons and nerves. I had surgery to clean out the infection and close the wound. I was placed on antibiotics, but did not heal. My wound began to open up again. I was told I would need a skin flap, and repeat surgery. I began to take H3 Rapid Recovery once a day. Five days later I was seen by my doctor. My skin had closed, and he told me the infection was dramatically improved. I did not need repeat surgery, and two weeks later my hand completely healed. Both my doctor and I were so pleased that I did not need any further surgery. My oncology doctor reviewed my labs, and showed my blood glucose levels had improved and are now better than they have been in several years. I am currently taking H3 Rapid Recovery, and plan to
stay on it.”

SR, North Carolina

“As a 50 year old diabetic I know the importance of taking care of myself. When I learned about H3 Rapid Recovery from my local wound center I began taking it right away. The ingredients of H3 Rapid Recovery are designed to help me from developing ulcers. I am very slow to heal, and struggle with energy. H3 Rapid Recovery has been great to boost my energy, and I can tell my skin sores are fewer and heal much faster. Thanks H3 Rapid Recovery.”

OW, Virginia

“I broke my ankle stepping in a hole. I have type 2 diabetes and was very worried about undergoing surgery. I know diabetics have a tough time healing. After surgery my wound did not completely heal. After two weeks, my incision reopened so I began taking H3 Rapid Recovery, and two weeks later my doctor noticed the improvement. It took two more weeks, and now my wound is totally closed. No problems now.”

AP, Arkansas

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H3 Rapid Recovery for Diabetec Healing
H3 Rapid Recovery for Improved Healing

H3 Rapid Recovery™

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