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H3 Rapid Recovery: What was created out of medical necessity and is being used by physicians is now available to you.
Dr. G, Arkansas (Medical Professional):

“I am a wound doctor who takes care of some of the most complicated wounds patients develop. Often times I see injuries from trauma, or ulcers that have developed in diabetics. I recommend all of my patients take H3 Rapid Recovery during and after their treatments.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
WS, North Carolina (Fibromyalgia Patient):

“I am a 33 year old who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have been suffering chronic pain in my arms and neck over the last few years. I have difficulty sleeping and deal with discomfort every day. My doctors have prescribed anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and sleep aides. I have struggled through doing the best I can. When I heard about H3 Rapid Recovery being helpful with pain and sleep I wanted to try it. After the second day of taking the drink mix I began to notice I could sleep better. I have been taking it ever since. I am sleeping better and my pain is much better. I do not believe anything will cure me of all of my symptoms, but I am doing better than I have in a long time.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
OW, Virginia (Diabetic):

“As a 50 year old Diabetic I know the importance of taking care of myself. When I learned about H3 Rapid Recovery from my local wound center I began taking it right away. The ingredients of H3 Rapid Recovery are designed to help me from developing ulcers. I am very slow to heal, and struggle with energy. H3 Rapid Recovery has been great to boost my energy, and I can tell my skin sores are fewer and heal much faster. Thanks H3 Rapid Recovery.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
AP, Arkansas (Diabetic):

“I broke my ankle stepping in a hole. I have type 2 diabetes and was very worried about undergoing surgery. I know diabetics have a tough time healing. After surgery my wound did not completely heal. After two weeks, my incision reopened so I began taking H3 Rapid Recovery, and two weeks later my doctor noticed the improvement. It took two more weeks, and now my wound is totally closed. No problems now.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
Dr. Jonathan Craighead (Orthopaedic Surgeon):

“Physicians have known for a long time that appropriate nutrition, a good blood supply, and a lack of infection are vital elements for tissue healing. Unfortunately, most of the time we mainly focus on two of these three elements. We closely monitor patients’ blood levels before and after surgery to make sure that they are appropriate. We frequently give antibiotics as well in order to fight infection. All of this is done in an attempt to try to heal a wound as quickly and easily as possible. While physicians and patients alike recognize that appropriate nutrition is extremely important for healing, little attention is usually given to this aspect of wound and surgical care.

With an ever-expanding aging population, the epidemic of obesity, the continued, rampant use of nicotine, and the increasing rate of diabetes, physicians can expect to see increasing wound complications in the years to come. For individual patient care, as well as for maximizing societal resources, it is extremely important that we do all we can to prevent wound problems.

That is why I am excited about H3 Rapid Recovery. With this drink mix you get all of the nutrients that are essential for wound healing. H3 Rapid Recovery addresses the third vital element to wound healing that we so often neglect. We need to give both surgical and traumatic wounds every opportunity to heal as quickly and easily as possible. H3 Rapid Recovery allows us to make sure that patients have all the nutrients necessary to promote healthy wound healing.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
CS, North Carolina (Fibromyalgia Patient):

“Twenty two years ago I fell down my stairs resulting in torn muscles of my right shoulder. I experienced severe pain and no strength in my right arm for several months. The strength eventually returned after two years of therapy, but the pain seemed to spread and only get worse. After years of Doctor’s visits, different treatments, therapies, medications, and nutritional changes, I had very little and only temporary relief from pain. Doctors confirmed a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, which is “Muscle Pain”. Having endured the vicious cycle of pain and no sleep for many years, you can imagine the excitement in discovering a product that has helped. I began drinking H3 Rapid Recovery the first of this year, 2009. Within one week I could tell a difference and in two weeks my energy level was higher. H3 Rapid Recovery not only gives me the daily vitamins I need in one drink, but it strengthens the immune system, and I feel better! A real plus is that it tasted good and it’s easy to prepare! I’m grateful for the improvement.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
BB, North Carolina (Broken Bone Patient):

“In December of 2008 I was involved in a rollover truck accident. The bones in my arm were shattered, and the skin was crushed. I underwent surgery to fix the bone. The wounds on my arm began to breakdown. My doctor recommended H3 Rapid Recovery, and within one week, my wounds began to heal. Two weeks later my skin was almost completely healed. There was no infection. I was amazed how quickly I responded to H3 Rapid Recovery . I recommend H3 Rapid Recovery  for anyone who is having surgery, or wants to recover quickly.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
ML (Broken Bone Patient):

“I broke my leg in 2008. I had gone several weeks without the bone beginning to heal. I was told if I did not respond quickly I would need a major surgery with bone graft. My doctor recommended H3 Rapid Recovery. I began taking it two days later. Almost immediately my swelling came down, and my pain decreased to where I was able to stop taking my pain medications. When I followed up with my doctor one week later he said there were early signs of bone formation. The next week he was amazed how much improvement I had made especially considering how little bone had formed initially. My daughter is a research scientist who reviewed H3 Rapid Recovery. She told me, “Mom you need to be on this every day.” I guess it is ok to listen to your doctor, and your daughter. I am now taking H3 Rapid Recovery every day.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
RP (Knee Surgery Patient):

“I had surgery for my knee and developed a post operative infection. After 3 weeks of treatment my wound remained open and draining. The doctor had to clean out my knee again. The second time he recommended H3 Rapid Recovery. Three days later my wound was completely healed with no pain. I am thankful for my doctor, and I am thankful he recommended H3 Rapid Recovery.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
DJ (Nurse, Diabetic, Surgical Patient):

“I am a nurse who recently fell and sustained a broken hip. I underwent surgery, and was concerned about my potential to heal because of my diabetes. I took H3 Rapid Recovery and my incision healed without any problems within one week. I am so pleased at how well I have done, and my scar looks so great. I am thankful to both my surgeon and H3 Rapid Recovery.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
SR, North Carolina (Diabetic):

“I am a diabetic and have recently been on chemotherapy. I developed a boil on the back of my hand which became severely infected. My skin actually opened up and I could see my tendons and nerves. I had surgery to clean out the infection and close the wound. I was placed on antibiotics, but did not heal. My wound began to open up again. I was told I would need a skin flap, and repeat surgery. I began to take H3 Rapid Recovery once a day. Five days later I was seen by my doctor. My skin had closed, and he told me the infection was dramatically improved. I did not need repeat surgery, and two weeks later my hand completely healed. Both my doctor and I were so pleased that I did not need any further surgery. My oncology doctor reviewed my labs, and showed my blood levels had improved better than they have been in years. I am currently taking H3 Rapid Recovery, and plan to stay on it.”

Heal Fast Testimonial
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