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 H3 Rapid Recovery helps people with diabetes...

Optimal Nutrition to Improve and Accelerate Healing for People with Diabetes

Faster healing for diabetic pressure wounds

H3 Rapid Recoveryis an all-natural, drug-free beverage mix that was formulated by Dr. Marc S. Stevens and his team of award-winning physicians and surgeons in the search for nutritional support to improve patient healing after surgery or injury, or for those living with diabetes.

H3 Rapid Recovery™ may be beneficial for people with diabetes. Diabetics are at increased risk for wound complications, and have delayed healing due to poor circulation and immune systems. H3 Rapid Recovery™ promotes rapid healing which improves healing rates and decreases the risk of infection.

Diabetes is a circulatory disease where damaged arteries, capillaries, and veins are no longer able to effectively carry the necessary amount of blood to the cells they support. H3 Rapid Recovery works in two ways to assist the diabetic patient:

  • First, and most exciting, is the long term use of H3 Rapid Recovery™ may assist in the repair of the damaged arteries, capillaries, and veins, and may help mitigate further damage to the ones that are still healthy. The result may lead to blood circulation over time and better cell perfusion. 
  • Secondly, H3 may dramatically increase the healing elements in the blood currently circulating to the cells, thereby assisting in the accelerating of the healing process and the reducing of the chance of infection.

Clinical studies have shown that diabetic patients who have used H3 Rapid Recovery™ on or before the date of surgery had accelerated healing, and healed twice as fast as those patients that are considered to be in good physical condition and without any immune disorders. While many of the same diabetic patients, when not using H3, did not heal at all and had to undergo debrading to prevent gangrene in these patients. View diabetic wound healing case studies…

What was created out of medical necessity and is being used by physicians is now available to you.

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Pressure wound healing
H3 Rapid Recovery for Improved Healing

H3 Rapid Recovery™

Natural Orange flavor beverage mix. Convenient stick packs.
15 servings. Also available in 30 serving size and flavorless…

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