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O3 Bone & Joint Essential and Premium Optimal Health Formulas contain adequate sources of calcium, needed for optimal bone density and bone maintenance and include the appropriate balance of calcium and vitamin D for favorable calcium absorption and bone health.

Formulated by an orthopedic surgeon, the O3 Bone & Joint Formulas will give you a natural way to build bone density. O3 Essential was formulated to introduce into young adulthood to optimize peak bone density. The ingredients of O3 Bone & Joint Premium aid in the improvement of bones, joints and connective tissues that have already shown signs of degradation.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body, and 99% of your body’s calcium is stored in your bones. The 1% of calcium located in the other systems of your body is important for the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system. Since your bone tissue is responsible for storing calcium in your body, if your blood calcium levels drop, calcium is taken from your bone to replenish your blood levels. This can negatively affect your bone density. Therefore, it is fundamental for your bone health to make sure that you are consuming enough calcium each day. The recommended daily calcium intake for healthy middle-aged adults is 1000 mg for healthy males and females. Females over 50 years of age and males over 71 years of age need 1,200 mg per day.

When you consume calcium-containing foods, such as dairy products or fortified orange juice or breakfast cereal, it is actively absorbed through the intestines by binding to a transport protein called calbindin. The production of this important transport protein is dependent on vitamin D. You need plenty of vitamin D in your diet to ensure that enough calcium is absorbed into your system for proper bone health. The recommendation for vitamin D intake is 600 IU for healthy adults.

Bone continues to undergo the process of remodeling throughout your lifespan, and calcium is needed for constructing new bone. As you age, bone breakdown exceeds bone formation, which results in bone loss and increased risk of osteoporosis. Your calcium and vitamin D intake, especially as a young adult, is extremely important because it helps you to achieve a high peak bone mass. Peak bone mass, or the highest point of bone density during your lifespan, will occur in your early adulthood and will directly affect your bone health as you age. If you are female, are older, have a small bone frame, are of white/ Caucasian descent, have a family history of osteoporosis, have a vitamin D or calcium deficiency, lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke or consume excessive alcohol, you are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis or suffering from a bone fracture.

Many Americans do not receive enough calcium or vitamin D in their diets to achieve optimal bone health. Check with your doctor to see if you are a candidate for calcium supplements with added vitamin D. Your total daily intake of calcium from all sources should never exceed 2,000 mg, as too much calcium can increase your risk of developing kidney stones and other medical conditions. Check with your doctor before taking calcium supplements  if you are taking any type of medication or are suffering from a chronic illness or disorder.


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